CAGED Clarity

Next-level fretboard mastery to help you connect the dots and finally 'see' the guitar using the CAGED system

The Chord Book: Volume 1

The ultimate chord theory reference guide for players looking to drastically improve their chord knowledge and the underlying theory of what they are playing and why it works

The Guitarist's Guide to The Circle of Fifths eBook

Unlock the wizardry of The Circle of Fifths with this comprehensive guide. Learn exactly what The Circle is and how you use it in your own guitar studies and songwriting sessions

Practice Printables

Guitar Modes Guide

Everything you're going to need at a glance to demystify the theory of the major scale modes

Inside Intervals

Learn how the building blocks of music appear on the fretboard and SUPERCHARGE your learning process

Guitar Charts

Blank fretboard diagrams, chord boxes and TAB paper for your practice sessions