Helping you Grow as a Guitarist

Hey!  I'm Ry Naylor, guitar instructor and content creator based in the south of France.

My mission is to bring guitar music theory to the masses.  I LOVE creating graphics and videos to help players see what's behind the music they play.   

My video courses and eBooks will help you take your playing to the next level.  

Thanks for taking the time to check them out 🙏🏻

Guitar Rut Busters: Essential Theory

My in-depth guide to fretboard patterns and the underlying rules of music to take you from guitar music theory 'no' to PRO!
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The Chord Book: Volume 1

The ultimate chord theory reference guide for players looking to drastically improve their chord knowledge
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CAGED Clarity eBook

Next-level fretboard mastery to help you connect the dots and finally 'see' the guitar using the CAGED system
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TRIADS: Inside Out

Transform your rhythm chops with new approaches to playing progressions anywhere on the neck with 3-note triad shapes
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FREE Fretboard Mastery eBook

My proven method to memorise the notes of the guitar neck with essential fretboard patterns and a little guitar music theory

Guitar Modes Guide PDF

Everything you’re going to need at a glance to demystify the theory of the major scale modes 

Inside Intervals eBook

Learn how the building blocks of music appear on the fretboard and SUPERCHARGE your learning process.

Guitar Charts: Practice Room Printables

All your guitar stationery needs for your practice session in one neat package - fretboard diagrams, chord boxes and TAB...check!

5 x 60-Minute Skype Mentoring Session

No more confusion and frustration watching YouTube lessons.  Get LIVE one-to-one sessions with me via Skype.  How cool is that?!
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