Guitar Charts: Practice Room Printables

Blank fretboard diagrams, chord boxes and TAB paper for your practice sessions

Create your own custom charts

Create your own fretboard charts, chord boxes, and tabs with this printable PDF guitar stationery

What's included?

This pack includes the following printable pages:

  • TAB paper
  • TAB and Standard Notation
  • Lined paper for taking notes and 10 Chord Boxes
  • 20 Chord Boxes Chart
  • 4 Horizontal Fretboards (24 frets)
  • 2 Horizontal Fretboards (24 frets) and 10 Chord Boxes
  • 3 Vertical Fretboards (24 frets)
  • 4 Horizontal Fretboards (12 frets)
  • Fretboard (with notes) and TAB

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