Learn how the building blocks of music appear on the fretboard and SUPERCHARGE your learning process

Wouldn't it be good to know EXACTLY what you're playing?

Every chord you strum....every scale you play...every lick you learn...

They are all intervals!

And they are universal. All music on any instrument is created by these things.

Knowing the intervals found within any chord or lead line you play will allow you to get EVEN more value from it.  

The foundation of everything we learn

Interval shapes are the foundation of fretboard visualization, whether that's CAGED, 3-notes-per-string, or any other method.

In this PDF study guide, I first present exactly what intervals are and how they are 'measured' and labeled.

Then we have (new-look) fretboard charts for every conceivable interval and how you can play each one on the fretboard.

Full color and black and white printer-friendly charts

  • Full colour-PDF charts for the optimal learning experience on tablet or desktop.
  • Printer-friendly black-and-white charts

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