From theory to practice, an in-depth step-by-step approach to mastering major scale guitar arpeggios

"I now have my go-to bible for Arpeggios"

"Ry's course on Triads opened my eyes to how they work and how to use them. The course was incredibly clear and easy to follow, and his triad eBook is still my go-to bible for all things about triads.

Now he has delivered something else that I've honestly been searching for - an arpeggio eBook that is easily on par with his triads work. I now have my go-to bible for arpeggios!

The fretboard charts alone are worth the ridiculously low price, but he has also provided a clear, concise, and easy-to-follow book that makes learning arpeggios a breeze.

If you've never seen one of Ry's courses or used one of his books, you are in for a pleasant surprise and a quality learning experience. I highly recommend this book...and hurry before he realizes that he should raise the price!

Ray Eckenrode, McKinney, Texas, USA

Used subtly, arpeggios allow you to target chord tones and make your solos and improvisations more refined and more musical

Taken to the extreme, arpeggio shapes can be played at blistering face-melting speeds and are the staple of shred players’ vocabulary.

But you find them in all styles, making them essential learning for all players of any level

What will you learn?

Arpeggios: Building Blocks is as the name suggests. You will learn all the foundational intervals and arpeggios of major scale theory.

  • Thirds (major/minor)
  • Fourths
  • Major/Minor/Diminished triad arpeggios
  • Augmented triad arpeggio
  • Major Seventh arpeggio
  • Dominant Seventh arpeggio
  • Minor Seventh arpeggio
  • Half Diminished Seventh (m7b5) arpeggio
  • Diminished Seventh arpeggio

Things will begin horizontally on a single string, before considering the possibilities for each arpeggio across a string pair. Then you'll branch out into the three-octave approach, considering all the different ways to link octaves, and conclude with each arpeggio within the CAGED framework.

Theory, Technique, Application

With Ry's unique Interval Colour System you'll progressively learn the theory behind each arpeggio type, and gradually expand your visualization from a single string to three-octave patterns spanning the entire fretboard

"Packed with enough material to keep guitarists engaged for months or even years"

"Ry's new Arpeggios: Building Blocks book is an excellent resource for guitar players of all levels. The book is packed with an immense amount of educational material that can provide months if not years of practice for guitarists who are serious about mastering the fretboard.

One of the standout features of the book is its clean graphics, which make it easy for visual learners to follow along with the sections. The diagrams are clear and easy to read, making it simple to understand the fingerings and positions required to play each arpeggio.

Another great aspect of the book is the practice exercises. Ry provides detailed guidance on how to approach the exercises in the book, which can be immensely helpful for guitarists who struggle with applying new material.

Overall, I recommend Ry’s arpeggio book to any guitarist who is serious about improving his or her skills. The book is well-organized, easy to follow, and packed with enough material to keep guitarists engaged for months or even years. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this book is an excellent resource that can help take your playing to the next level." 

Matthew McCreary, Seattle, USA

At each stage, there are PRACTICE EXERCISES to help you solidify your learning and also inspire your own, personalized practice routine.

What students are saying

Ry Naylor’s command of music theory and his unique visual presentation has expanded my understanding and utilization of the fretboard. It has unlocked a new perspective for me and bridged the seemingly disparate gaps between theory and application. I highly recommend his courses and books to guitar players of at any stage.”

Troy Sofinowski, USA

"I've worked my way through Ry Naylor's video courses and other publications. The Arpeggios Building Blocks is another excellent resource to better understand music in general and further explore the fretboard. 

I highly recommend this latest offering from Ry, it has already advanced my musical knowledge."

Dennis Chugh, USA

"Ry's breakdown of arpeggios was an invaluable resource for my playing. It broke down a tremendous amount of info in a very clear and digestible manner.

I could spend the next two years just working through the info he presented in this resource. My improvisational playing has improved exponentially as well as my ability to compose my own songs.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and dive in NOW with Ry."

Jonathan Staves, USA

"Ry runs the rule on arpeggios from the major scale theory and teases out the various ways to identify, play, manipulate, and create playing options of 3 and 4 arpeggios all over the fretboard without losing the reader.

As with all Ry courses, you get lots of exercises to test your progress with a comprehensive workbook.

Excellent value for money."

Gordon Lynch, UK


In addition to the 148-page eBook you will also get:

  • Fretboard Charts - a 42-page reference PDF in full colour summarising all the concepts covered in the book for ease of reference
  • Fretboard Charts (Grayscale printer-friendly version)


Who is this book written for?

This book is aimed at players of all levels. The only caveat is that you're hungry for a deep dive! For the absolute guitar theory beginner, the first chapters explain all the fundamentals of intervals and arpeggio theory that you will need as you progress.

Each chapter builds on the previous, with progressively more advanced concepts. You can work through this methodically and continue to develop your understanding at your own pace as you feel ready for more.

How can I view the book?

'Arpeggios: Building Blocks' is an A4 PDF document that can be viewed on a desktop, tablet, or phone. 

Can I download it more than once?

Absolutely! When you purchase the book it will be added to your store account which you can access at any point with your password to download the PDF as many times as you need. There's no risk of ever losing it or deleting it by accident.

Before you buy...

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