Everything you’re going to need at a glance to demystify the theory of the major scale modes

There's a LOT you can learn about modes

There comes a point in our playing where we've got the basic scales down and we think we've got a handle on everything.

Then, suddenly one late-night YouTube binge leads us into a video talking about how amazing modes are.

It becomes clear you're only scratching the surface of what's possible with that 7-note 'do-re-mi...' major scale.

Back to the practice room you go inspire/dejected* (delete as appropriate).

But where to start?

You can play the major scale, so you can play all the modes...right?!

Each mode has its own characteristic sound (just think the difference between the triumphant major scale and the melancholic natural minor scale). 

This sound comes from the different intervals found within the scale.

But not only the notes, each mode has its characteristic chords that come from the scale.

Wouldn't it be nice to have all this in one, neat (printable) summary?

I've created the perfect study guide to help you master the modes

'Guitar Modes' provides you with everything you're going to need to get started on your journey to modal mastery!

For each of the seven modes of the major scale you have:

  • Mode on one string (where I'd recommend you always start - check out this video lesson)
  • The intervals of each mode
  • The formula for each mode (whole-whole-half...)
  • An example scale rooted in C (but with the blank template PDF you can create a custom chart from any Root)
  • All the triads and seventh chords so you can begin to explore and create your own modal chord progressions
  • 5 CAGED fingering patterns
  • 3 note-per-string pattern rooted upon string 6(E) for all you shredders!

Full colour and black and white printer-friendly charts

This pack includes the following sheets:

  • Full colour-PDF charts for the optimal learning experience on tablet or desktop
  • Printer-friendly black and white charts
  • Mode templates to create your own custom study charts

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