The Walkabout Practice Exercise

The Walkabout

With each new shape, you should be changing the Root note at each practice session and work through the practice exercises:

  • Learning the octave shape and the barre chord (being able to identify the intervals found within the chord shape)
  • Linking the different triad forms to the barre chord
  • Playing through the lead layers in free time
  • Adding focus to your practice by working to a metronome click
  • Alternating Lead Layers exercise
  • Up One/Down one exercise

To this list, we'll add The Walkabout.

The Walkabout is an exercise in free time to test your ability to move freely between the different shapes that you have studied up to this point.

Choose one of the Lead Blueprint layers and try moving up and down in different directions, passing through the different shapes. Be sure to be changing your Root note each time.

Doing so helps you to establish exactly where your problem areas are and where you should focus your attention in the next practice session.

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