Guitar Charts: Practice Room Printables by Ry Naylor

Guitar Charts: Practice Room Printables

Blank fretboard diagrams, chord boxes and TAB paper for your practice sessions
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€3 (3 Euros) converts to around $3.50 (USD)

Create your own custom charts

Create your own fretboard charts, chord boxes and tabs with this printable PDF guitar stationery.

What's included?

This pack includes the following sheets:
  • TAB paper
  • TAB and Standard NotationNote-taking and 10 Chord Boxes
  • 20 Chord Boxes Chart
  • 4 Horizontal Fretboards (24 frets)
  • 2 Horizontal Fretboards (24 frets) and 10 Chord Boxes
  • 3 Vertical Fretboards (24 frets)
  • 4 Horizontal Fretboards (12 frets)
  • Fretboard (with notes) and TAB

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