FREE Fretboard Mastery eBook by Ry Naylor

FREE Fretboard Mastery eBook

My proven method to learn and (more importantly) memorise the notes on the guitar with essential fretboard patterns and a little guitar music theory.

No more excuses!

Learning the notes of the fretboard is one of those things that we know we should do but it’s often not very high on our list of priorities.

The guitar is an instrument that we can enjoy without having a single clue as to the actual notes that are being played under our fingertips. 
We are able to get by on dots on fretboard diagrams and numbers on a line of TAB to play what we want.

I am hoping that by being here you have come to the realization that, in fact, learning the fretboard is something you need to do if you wish to truly develop on the instrument and as a musician.

Samples from the eBook

A progressive approach

Where to start can be a little overwhelming so I have developed this progressive process that will take you from knowing absolutely nothing about the fretboard to having every...single...note under your fingertips within a matter of days.

This approach is focused upon learning some basic theory and applying that immediately to the fretboard.  

This will create essential visual patterns and reference points that will accelerate your learning process.

To top things off we end with the best exercises to add to your practice routine to have the notes memorised over a few practice sessions.  These are exercises I used myself and teach all my students, with amazing results!

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