CAGED Clarity eBook by Ry Naylor

CAGED Clarity eBook

Next-level fretboard mastery to help you connect the dots and finally 'see' the guitar using the CAGED system.
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Connect the dots to finally 'see' the guitar

After you’ve learnt all the notes on the fretboard, the next stage in fretboard mastery is readily having chords, arpeggios, pentatonic and diatonic scale patterns under your fingers.

That's a lot to learn so it has to been done gradually and the fretboard inevitably has to be broken up into smaller chunks to give you a sporting chance!

CAGED will do this for you

CAGED is not a ‘system’ but the innate way in which the guitar is tuned. 

The guitar fretboard has patterns.

CAGED will literally connect the dots.

Once you can learn these patterns, you have complete freedom and flexibility.

Whatever your musical goals or preferred style, CAGED is an invaluable visualisation method that helps fuse together everything you will have learnt to date and give you a framework to help accelerate your future learning.

What's included?

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This 128-page eBook includes:

  • A detailed overview of the CAGED approach
  • In-depth breakdowns of all five of the major and five minor CAGED Shapes, with fretboard diagrams, photos and TAB:
    • Moveable Chord
    • Triads
    • Arpeggios (Major and Minor)
    • Pentatonic Scales (Major and Minor)
    • Diatonic Scales (Major Scale and Natural Minor)


  • Specific practice exercises to internalise your new knowledge and apply it,
  • Full colour-PDF charts for the optimal learning experience on tablet or desktop,
  • Printer-friendly black and white charts for the practice room.

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