5 x 60-Minute Skype Mentoring Session by Ry Naylor

5 x 60-Minute Skype Mentoring Session

Learn with me from the comfort of your own home
€250 (250 Euros) converts to around $275 (USD)

Why Skype Lessons?

The internet has a wealth of resources, from YouTube lessons to instructional content on Instagram.  And that’s amazing for aspiring, self-taught guitarists.  

But learning exclusively by these methods can leave you a little confused, overwhelmed and frustrated.  There’s no-one there to give you feedback on your playing and technique, or anyone that you can bounce ideas off or simply ask questions.

I have been teaching guitar for over 10 years and I’d like to help you in your guitar journey.

As a student, I myself have taken Skype lessons and I understand how nerve-wracking they can be.  You worry that you’re not good enough or that you won’t play as well during the lesson as you do on your own.

Know that it’s normal to feel like that.  Know too that I want my Skype lessons to be a relaxed environment where you are free to ask me anything and feel confident and reinvigorated in your guitar practice.

I want to help you grow as a guitarist!
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The Lessons

These lessons are led by you and your playing goals.  Typical topics covered include:

  • Learning songs whether that's reviewing content from my YouTube channel or any songs you are interested in learning.

  • Music Theory and its practical applications for the guitar - keys, scales, chord construction. All that good stuff!

  • Learning the Fretboard with my visualisation techniques and exercises.

  • General Technique specifically exercises to help you develop whatever area of technique you are interested in.

  • Ear Training and Transcribing if you’re looking to get into developing your ear and creating your own TABs

If there’s anything else that you’re interested in studying with me, you can simply email me (contact@rynaylorguitar.com) to see if that’s something I can help you with.

What you'll need

  • A high speed internet connection

  • The latest version of Skype

  • Webcam and microphone (internal webcams and microphones are usually sufficient)

  • Your guitar!

Time Zones

I am based in France (GMT +2) so that’s 6 hours ahead of Eastern Time and 9 hours ahead of Pacific Time.

Have a think about when you are available for lessons and whether it will be possible (I don’t tend to teach at 3am!)

Rest assured though that I have had lessons with students on both US coasts (without needing to get out of bed in the middle of the night).

The Terms

Once I receive payment, I will then get in touch and we can schedule a time for the first lesson.

If you have to cancel a lesson for any reason you need to let me know 24 hours in advance to schedule another time or you will lose the lesson. 

If I have to cancel for any reason I will let you know in advance and we will reschedule. 

During the lessons if we experience internet drop-outs, power cuts or similar, I will reschedule your lesson.  No problem.

Please note that all lesson payments are non-refundable.  Lesson packs are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.